Iván Naranjo (México, 1977)


Interested in flexible structures, recursiveness, number series, extended and unconventional notation, multiple-musics, and experimental approaches to composition.


Composes chamber music and computer music, sound installation and live electronic music performance.


Main composition teachers:  Germán Romero, Ron Kuivila, Erik Ulman and Brian Ferneyhough.


Studied in Las Rosas Conservatory in Morelia, Mexico, holds a master's degree from Wesleyan University in Experimental music and Composition, and a Doctorate

in Musical Arts from Stanford University.


Currently living in Mexico City as a freelance composer.


His music has been performed in Europe and the Americas by soloists and ensembles such as the LA Philharmonic, Elision, Liminar, Adapter, International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE),  Arditti Quartet, Flux Quartet, Jack Quartet, Mivos Quartet, Retro Disco, Distractfold, SIGMA Project, Trio Skalenos, Dal Niente, Loadbang, Now Hear, Xelm-Ya, Cepromusic, Séverine Ballon, Alexander Bruck, Julián Martínez, Abdel Anzaldúa, Wilfrido Terrazas, Tony Arnold, Max Murray, Scott Worthington, Dustin Donahue and Pablo Gómez, among others.


Member of Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte (SNCA), since 2014.





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